Lucky Needs a Good Home... (Video)

Lucky is one of the first dog we rescued in Taiwan.

I have mixed feelings about letting him go to a good home. He sees me as his friend, and it will be hard on both of us to go our separate ways but at the same time I often feel sorry for Lucky because I can not give him all the attention he really deserve. I have too many dogs under my care, so I feel it would be better for him to have a real home instead of living in a foster home with so many other dogs. I comfort myself knowing that he prefers being in a home where he can get more attention.

We tried to find him a home for over a year now. Surprisingly, not once… Not once has anyone inquired about him despite the fact that he’s been on all of our adoption publications the whole time. He’s on the adoption page of our website, and he’s posted along with other animals on several bulletin boards all around the city. Yet, no one has asked about him. :frowning: It’s really strange because he’s such a great dog!!!

By now, Lucky is trained to do a bunch of tricks, and he’s trained to respond to hand signs and voice commands. In fact, he’s so good that we felt he deserved to have his very own video to show how good he is:

I learned to edit videos in one day, and that’s what I came up with. I think Lucky is a star! :slight_smile:

If you are interested in making Lucky a part of your family, please contact me anytime.


Bob -
Very good video and very cool dog.
I wish you both the best.

Thanks, TC.

Your good wishes are much appreciated.


What a sweet dog Lucky has become thanks to your good care.
Very well behaved. I cannot understand why noone has enquired about him. He is the perfect pet.
I hope this video will help him finds a good home.
Best of luck