i want to check out the sights here (Lukang/Lugang). now, can you tell me if i take the bus or train there. how do i get around? taxi’s are so expensive.

is there a place where i can rent a scooter for the day, or a bicycle. I’m not sure if this town is big or small, geared towards tourism or not.

please let me know if you know. :o

Lukang is small. You can do most of the best stuff by foot. I’ve been there 3 times and everything worth seeing or eating is pretty central.

There is a good antique shop in the town.
An interesting couple of temples.
Some very old style streets with old traditional shops.
Traditional toys and stuff on sale.

Be aware that there are a couple of weirdo’s in the town who will follow any foreigner and stare at you, real close like. Harmless enough but scary all the same, and no, they aren’t afraid of you even if you are with a group of Taiwanese friends.

I suggest trying the oyster omlette thingies, pretty good.

There is a bus that goes there from Taichung city - I think. I took the bus from Wu Ri, so I’m not that sure.

Personally I feel that it is a half day place, not a lot there for the whole day, but then I’m not you.

Have fun. :smile:

Those oyster omlette thingies gave me the hershey squirts last time I was there.

There is an alley there called ‘touch chest’ alley because it is so narrow. Not too interesting except for the name.

To Bassman’s list I would add the Folk Arts Museum. It is a little pricey to get in but I feel it’s worth it. The displays are well organised and they sometimes have special activities going on. There is a house set up as a middle-class house from - I don’t remember what dynasty - but anyway it’s interesting.

The two ‘must-see’ temples are Tianhougong, dedicated to the daoist deity Mazu (which has an interesting exhibition at the back), and Longshansi, dedicated to the buddha Guanyin. Unfortunately last time I went they were doing some work on the Longshansi so it was not possible to see all of it, but hopefully that’s finished by now.

Other local specialities are ‘dragon whiskers’ candies, cow tongue and ox eye cookies (named so because that’s their shape, not what they’re made from!), a kind of sweet/salty sponge cake with fried onion crumbs on top, and of savory dishes; ‘shrimp monkeys’ (fried shrimp you eat whole; as you see the shrimp crawling about in big basins before they’re taken out and fried, I don’t have the heart to eat them).

There is more than one bus that goes from Taichung city; I think one goes from the Gancheng bus station on Shuangshi Road. Private message me if you need more info.

I’ll second everything. The interesting parts of Lukang are foot-accessible. We go there once or twice a year, my wife’s family owns a small Buddhist temple thingy there where we can stay. We stay away from the cultural museum because of the price, but for one it is probably OK. Go on a weekend even if it is crowded because the temples always have fascinating stuff going on.


just wanna say. i’ll keep it in mind. i’m gonna love walking round tiny alleys and figuring out where the trad. toys and food and stuff is.