Luggage rack loan?

Hi, so I’m going to ride to taidong later this week along the coast before going to orchid island and looking to lend a rack for the duration if anyone has one to offer???

Oh sure I’ll just fiddle around removing mine from my bike, waste more time getting it to you to risk you damaging it, wait and waste more of my time for it’s return, and then fiddle around reinstalling it.
That should be no more than a couple of hours of aggravation for me so that you {who can afford to go on holiday} can save maybe $500nt.
Yeah Right!

Right. Not so expensive. Not worth folks time to remove their current ones, meet up with you, then re-install it back onto their bikes. You can spend less than 500nt on it too.

Wow so harsh, I bought one but will throw away when I go back. I’m glad the locals are more friendly than white devil teachers here…

We’re glad cheap, narcissistic folks such as yourself are only here temporarily.