Luggage storage at Taipei airport

I searched the forum and could not find any recent information on this. Does anyone know details about luggage storage at CKS? I am flying into Taipei on 8/17, and then flying directly to Thailand. I would like to leave some luggage at the airport while I am in Thailand for two weeks. I have heard there is storage. Has anyone used it? And does anyone know the cost? The airport website was a bit unclear.

I could swear this thread was just done.

Yeah, it was.



click this one

Thanks alot for the reply. I’m not sure how I missed those threads when I was searching. Thanks too for not attacking me for asking a question thats been asked recently (these forum people can be brutal at times). Does anyone know what this is about?
I’m guessing the one in terminal 2 is the one to use.

I’m near the airport and will store luggage for 100NT a day and will pick it up from you at the airport.