Luggage store in Taipei?

Does anyone know of a luggage store in Taipei?

I am looking for a “Luggage R Us” kind of place - huge variety in styles and brands and decent prices. I don’t want to have to pay 200% over US retail (Sogo) and I am not interested in the quality that the sidewalk vendors push.


Costco has a nice set of Kirkland Signature for a very decent price.

there is a smallish one on the corner of hoping and roosevelt, next to McD’s, with some decent stuff. i don’t think a huge luggage store exists here so it may be worth a look.

Thanks for the responses.

That place on the corner of Heping and Roosevelt turned out to be great (for me). They did not have that huge variety that I was looking for, though better than most, but they had a surprising amount of good ol’ Samsonites there. The prices for them were competitive with US retail. The catch was that I believe it was last year’s Samsonite models, but that was fine with me.

How much did you end up paying for the Samsonite, if I may ask?

3500NT for a medium “suiter” on two wheels.