I’ve seen this cat in the streets often…but he started to look really sick a couple of weeks ago. One day I tried to get close to him and he just ran towards me and fell against my leg (usually he was very scared and ran away) I could see he was having troubles breathing, so on my way home I got a box and took him to a vet. The vet suspected he had Calicivirus. He got injections and meds, but the vet couldn’t keep him in the back because he had many cats.

Luckily I found a vet down the street that had no cats…Luka has been living there for the past week and a bit. I wanted to CNR him, but after speaking to the vet and doing research it seems as if it’s impossible to release him because he will just get sick again if he lives on the street(and infect other cats) If he lives in a home and gets fed well he will be ok, but on the streets he will have a constant cold. He is still sneezing but is on daily medication. Other cats will be ok to be near him if they have been vaccinated against Calicivirus.

I’m in the process of moving and have 3 cats (including a small kitten that is too young to be vaccinated just in case you’re wondering why I’m not keeping him at my home) and then I’m going to SA for 3 weeks. So he chose a really bad time!

so, if anyone can help him out or is interested in adopting this guy please let me know. ORRRRRR if you can foster a cat that is on its way to its owner in a couple of months…let me know too!

thank you. Check…he has a white star on his head!