Lunar New Year TV Blues

3am, family tapped out of mahjong and cards. Here I sit, whiskey handed. Want to learn, left hurt and branded.

We dont watch TV normally, mostly because it usually pretty dumb to the point of making the movie idiocracy seem educational. Everytime I come back for a family reunion on new years (which is probably the bulk of our years tv watching outside of movies) it gets worse. Even the “science” channels of Discovery, TLC and National Geographic…what the actual fuck ? what is going on with TV now a days? is everything actually full retard or am I just seeing a fraction based on what the family subscribed to and I am left with an ignorant bad impression?

I mean, it is BAAAAAAD! not even funny bad that drugs could fix. Literally start to contemplate my childrens future bad! Cant imagine watching this junk even if high and skipping high school with nothing to do. Is there better, is this just the cheapy stuff that networks here buy? Is it better elsewhere? Truly shocked.

I have seen bad acting if every caliber. reality shows that are so far beyond intentional and fake it is just gross. Naked idiots crying on discovery, glorifying obesity, family feuds not unlike Jerry Springer, an entire show dedicated to stinky feet reality drama and so on. f******gg!

Dang. turns out the drunken AM wasnt the issue. Today much the same. Anyone have suggestions for educational, or at least not over the top dramatic shows on cable and/or MOD?

Just be glad you’re not forced to watch those Taiwanese LNY specials. Those will kill your brain cells by the billion. :grimacing:

Hehe, got a good new one? my issue with the learning based science channels is they have gone full asian drama quality now it seems. I am hoping to be proven wrong. Even on drugs I cannot imagine a stinky foot scripted reality show :joy: The more it is on, the more I wonder if we are in fact in a simulation :alien:

Disney+ has a few decent documentaries. Better than Discovery and National Geo garbage about Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and ghosts.

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