Luxgen does a car

I didnt know they had a car.

Wonder how much of this car is Nissan? Considering Luxgen is Yueloong, which is affiliated with Nissan.

Yueloongs first car on its own , the FEELING was a bit of a disaster.

The Feeling looked ok, but it left a lot of bad feelings between Nissan and Yueloong !

Why are they doing a manual? Nobody likes manuals in Taiwan anymore I am told.

We dont much like them here in the USA either.

( i hate that my car is a stick as well)

What are you talking about?? They have 3 or 4 models already since ages available. The sedan is new but I’ve seen it since last year randomly already. It has cameras in the mirrors for blind spots and it looks quite nice inside but of course it will be pricy…

Maybe they will fit these.latest Taiwanese designed ,wheels to it. :astonished:

absolute cock up.

[quote=“shiadoa”]Maybe they will fit these.latest Taiwanese designed ,wheels to it. :astonished:

toilet plungers ?

I knew they did some sort of people carrier and an suv but i didn’t know they had a car as well.

It looks nice and seems to perform ok. But its not cheap at something like 900,000nt.

But on the other hand, iv seen youtube presentations on cars in Taiwan and the prices are ridiculous. I thought new car pricing would go down after Taiwan joined GATT , or what was it ?

Land Rover selling for 40,000 to 50,000 usd here selling for 110,000 usd there ?? Ridiculous !

Aston Martin selling for about 250,000 usd (and considered pricey at that) selling for 550,000 usd there?? Mind boggling.

Audi selling for double over in Taiwan?

Only one that makes any sense is the A8L going for 120,000 usd there when that same model (depending on the exact specs) is anywhere from around 80,000 to 100,000 here with the V8.

Basically prices are double what they cost in their own countries. Tax is supposed to be 50pct or less isn’t it? But I guess the car makers are raking in the profits.

I saw another clip with a lot of Lambos in Taiwan and those must be super ridiculously priced.

I can see a 400,000usd (over here) Aventador going for 800,000 usd over there.

800,000 for a car? Mind Boggling.

I guess there are no cheap cars in Taiwan anymore to buy.

If i ever lived there again , I guess I could really only look at a March.