Luxurious car taxi service?

What is the easiest way to book a luxurious car for a taxi? I’m talking about Mercedes or better. It would be nice to be able to select which car.

Uber Black? I got a Tesla the other day.

Go to one of the 5 star hotels and use a car of their fleet.

I’m looking for higher end than Uber black, i used Uber black here a couple years ago by accident, and it wasnt luxurious at all… I didn’t even realise I had clicked the wrong button till I looked at the price after the journey. I need to have someone important picked up, and taken somewhere, and I’m guessing there is a service specifically for this.

Is it a client ? Is he/she Chinese( or Taiwanese) ?

Me personally, if my Supplier has money to spend on fancy cars I think I’m paying too much

Define luxury? Is a Lexus ES 200, Benz 200, 520i/720i not enough? Are you talking high end models of these or like Maybach and RR?

I not sure but if W Hotel has a car service only for guests, they use Porsche and Benz.

Taiwanese, sort of a client, long story

RR would be perfect