M/c tour east coast and mountains

I’m planning to head down the east coast (and into the mountains weather permitting) leaving early next week for 6 or 7 days. camping, hot springs and walking styles.

  1. if anyone with their own bike wants to keep a loose convoy, or stay in touch while en route - get in touch with me here.
  2. Any advice or information on mountainous travel - altitudes, or camping spots I would appreciate.

Cheers :slight_smile:

if you stay at low elevations you can’t go too far wrong… just take raingear… with the weather like it has been this last week any high altitude rides are out of the question unless you feel like fitting ice spikes on your tires…

check out this thread for some insight into the cross island highway situations are likely to be…

camping you should be fine, but hot springs etc are likely to be getting busy already… if you get down to Hualian, go inland and check out Taroko, always great but try to get there early in the morning… you could try to stay at TianXiang it’s a great place… if i were you I’d just ride unil I got tired then stop and ask around for the closest 民宿 (min-shu)(hostel / B&B type deal) is… maybe Joesax will have more advice to add, he’s the resident motorcycle touring guru…

have fun…

Cheers plasmatron, Good advice - Stay on the coast and lowlands.

Have a good trip Nigel. I don’t really have much to add to what Plasmatron wrote but you might want to check out my website for some photos of the area;