M-shape Society

The notion: M-shape Society has been widely used in various media since the notion was introduced to Taiwan.
According to Kenichi Ohmae’s notion of M-shape society, the distribution of wealth is no longer normal distribution, but instead, it becomes M-shape distribution. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class move to the polarized ends of the rich and the poor. I often read news stories that reporters intepret some phenomena with the idea of M-shape society, I can’t help wonder if it’s true or it’s just the media simplify the causes behind those social phenomena.

Is Taiwan becoming an M-shape society?

It is a Japanese concept.
Fundimentally economy and social mobility are a function of individual desire. Increase competition just means individual must expend more effort in order to achieve success.

It is more of a perception issue than anything else of the middle class not see any fulfilment in the gradients within middle class. They either see themselves as reaching the leisure class, or becoming the working poor millionaire…

The millionaire could become a modest leisure class. However, it doesn’t fit their image of exotic cars, yachts, and private jets.

So the M society is more about expectations than actual wealth issues. Or more specifically the perception of what one is suppose to have when wealthy.

I do think so.
People on rich top are buying LV …and others on the poor top are worrying about their lunch boxes.

I would think it’s more of a K-shape society, then a M-shape.

Followed by a T-shape in future?

I’ve got an M-shaped name.

“M” is a bloody odd shape to characterize it as. Why not “V”?

A kiwi wrote [quote]Why not “V”?[/quote]

Because that would be a sign of the Holy Grail.

Followed by a T-shape in future?[/quote]

Well, T-shape would make more sense, but this is Taiwan, so it will probably end up being more Q-shape.

Statistically speaking, it’s a two-peak distribution. It looks like an M.
It’s similar to the picture below’ (without the overlap)

Don’t look down!

I’ve seen “M-generation” before. I thought it was something about poor people living in middle America. Golden arches and suchlike.