Ma Jian's Stick Out Your Tongue, the Chan's Great Continent

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of a book by Chinese writer Ma Jian called Stick Out Your Tongue? It’s about Tibet. It isn’t carried by Eslite or Page One. I’m thinking Caves or perhaps Bookman.

If anyone has this book and would like to sell it or trade for something, please let me know.


I don’t really feeling making an Amazon order for a single book.

I found one, but I can’t find a copy of the Chan’s Great Continent by Jonathan Spence. No stores seem to carry it, which is strange because I remember seeing it.

If anyone has a copy of this book and would like to part with it, please send me a PM. Thanks.


Eslite used to carry this. But the book’s out of stock now.

You might want to order a used copy from the States, since those can be had so cheaply that even with shipping it’s cheaper than buying a new one here – and faster than waiting three months for Eslite to get a new one in stock.

Yeah, thanks. I’ll think about it, or I may just forget it.


I don’t know whether FNAC (Fayaque?) has it in stock at the store, but they show its title on one of their webpages (I had some difficulties using the site; I wonder if they’re even still in business).