Ma makes stopover in India

So, what’s the news worthiness of this? Nothing!

Why, at all mention it to the press or have the press spread it if it’s so ‘sensitive’? :loco:

Well, the newsworthiness is that normally Taiwanese government officials are persona non grata. A phone call from the local Chinese [strike]capo[/strike] diplomat is all it takes to deny permission through other countries’ airspace or airports. This used to happen all the time when the DPP were in power; now, not nearly so much.

When non-news is news ?

For my part he can make a fuel stop in Tookoo-Tookoo … including an anal-flush …

He was in a transit lounge, which means he wasn’t officially in India at all. So it’s no news.

but did he get an anal flush? one hopes it was a hot chili oil enema.