MA scholarships and language

Hi All,

I am planning on applying for an MA Taiwan Scholarship in my home TECO office in Feb. I will take advantage of the fact that they offer one year of language training. I have already completed 5 semesters at Shi Da and will do Radio Plays next semester. I am on my way to speaking well, but I certainly don’t claim to be a master of Chinese :wink:

I want to apply for a Chinese literature program at one of the schools near Taipei, ie Shi Da, Tai Da, Wen Hua. My biggest fear is that they will not accept me, as I need to apply to the program now (only 5 semesters of Chinese) but I will have studied for 3 years total before I start the MA program. I really want to make sure I get the scholarship and get accepted into one of the schools and my biggest fear is that they will say no. I have thought about first applying for an English language program and then trying to switch to literature before I start, but I’m afraid they will say no to the year of language school if I do that.

I’m curious if any of you have done a Chinese Literature program and what your experiences are. Any tips on which programs might be more foreigner friendly? Any pitfalls to watch out for when applying for either the scholarship or the literature program?
Thanks all,

sui yuan