Ma-tsu Islands?

I visited Kinmen a few months ago, but have never visited Matsu. For those of you who have been to both, how do these two places compare? What would be a good amount of time to spend in Matsu?

I would likely travel with my (non-Taiwanese) family, so use of scooters is not an option. We would need to get around by rental car or taxi.

Why not go to Penghu? There’s much more to see there and definitely you can rent a car there.

I’ve already been to Penghu…twice.

I’ve already been to Penghu…twice.[/quote]
Qimei (七美) Wang’an (望安) are all nice iles to go among Penghu Islands. I recommend Qimei more. Because there is the world’s biggest double-layer stone fish catcher (雙心石滬) over there. But frankly speaking, it is too cold to go to any islands in the winter. Not considering Taroko in Hualian? You’ve been there 5 times? :laughing:

winter is a great time to go to islands here because there are almost no tourists due to winds/cool temps. wear a jacket and jeans, you’re good to go.

Never been to Matsu, but I am wanting to. Very interested to hear more about people that have been there. Its the only major island off Taiwan we have not been to yet, but my wife is one of those “its winter cant go anywhere cool” type taiwanese lol.

i went there many years ago and whilst i had a good time it is very dull. we (2 foreigners) rented scooters and hooned around for a couple of days just eating and drinking. the only things to see are the Tunnel 88 liquor tasting rooms and some military outposts. i would go with mates not family.

for a family trip i’d either go back to kinmen or go to green island and orchid island

hey guys do you think it is a good idea to visit Matsu islands as a Day trip ? I was thinking about taking return ferry from Keelung (NT 630) is it worth it to spend 10 hours on a boat ?



Not so much. Spend the night in Qinbi or some other quiet place. If you rush around Mazu, you’d be going against the grain of the place.

Not unless you really like boats. And even if you do the weather might make the trip less than pleasant. But NT$630 is surprisingly cheap.

boats + Taiwan = worth sleeping on the street to make up for extra airfare costs.

the boat is great but get the overnight & get a cabin otherwise you’ll spend the time with lots of squaddies sleeping on the seats.

take an extra day as well

damn it, what about rest of taiwanese islands ? I would love to visit one of them but unfortunately I can only visit them for maximum 2 days :cry:

Then fly. You can get to Kinmen for nt1500 one-way.

I am also considering to spend a weekend to Matsu island and spend a night at Qinbi… i was wondering (maybe it is stupid) but instead of renting a scooter, is it possible to rent a car? I do not drive and neither do i like the idea of riding a scooter. If there is not rent-a-car service, can i get taxi to take me from one place to another? I am not asking for buses as i suppose (hope) there are right?
Thinking to go now in August or September… although not such a big time frame, but do you have any suggestion when is best?