Ma Ying Jeou interviewed by Yahoo Taiwan … 6&src=news

Only 2 questions, so would like to see some more footage if there is any available. Also seeing Ma conducting interviews is a good thing, I imagine he was given notice of the questions so, his answers seemed strange. The first was on Barack Obama, and what that might mean for Taiwan/US relations and concludes “Obama is not an isolationist person, so we wouldn’t worry too much about that” , one has to guess at what hes getting at here, any guesses what an isolationist person in the white house might mean for Taiwan?

The second one asking if we can expect any major changes in bilateral relations as a result of Obama becoming president, to which Ma say something like, the US policy with regard China and Taiwan hasn’t changed for the past 7 presidents consecutively.

bearing in mind Ma most likey had time to prepare is answer. 7 presidents consecutively!! Notwithstanding the fine detail, would the Taiwan relations act in 1979 at the very least be a major shift in US policy towards Taiwan and China and even including the president elect Obama, counting back, you always arrive at a date predating the TWA. Did he just make that number up on the spot or was he actually reffering to something specific?

The number 7 is something that is spouted often in the US. I believe Leiberman said it as well recently. But it’s bullshit. Before Clinton the US position was that it recognized that China’s position is that there is one china. The Clinton admin changed this to the US agreeing in one china.

Thanks Mucha Man. I found a couple of other of the clips from Yahoo Taiwan here. , if there was a copy of the entire interview it would be interesting.