Mac Air 2013 battery change?

I know I could get my battery changed for $130 at an apple store, but I was just wondering if there’s a place that might do this for cheaper. Is there a place that does this in Taipei? I have done modest repairs before (swap out screen or keyboard on a laptop), so could also go the DIY route, but curious if there’s anything in between the two options.

There’s some “Apple doctor” type stores who resell old phones and old parts and do minor repairs. There’s one on Sanmin road in the Songshan district where I bought one of the old charging cords that they don’t make anymore. You can’t miss it, there’s a big stupid painting of Steve Jobs’ ugly face on the side of it. You might try going someplace like that. Bring your computer with you.

I went to a small shop near MRT Daan to swap out my iPhone battery and asked about old MacBooks. They said it would be no problem for pretty much everything that I could bring in.

130 seems ridiculously cheap. I went to Guanghua techie center and they asked for almost 2000 to replace my Asus e203 laptop battery…while the laptop itself costs around 6.5k to buy new.

Sorry, I was thinking in US dollars. It would probably be around 4000 at an apple store, and batteries can be bought for 1200ish, so I was curious if there was something in between.

Thanks all for the tips on stores. There is a Dr. A store of something of the type nearby I may try, and I may also ask at some of those phone repair places.