Mac Chinese input 10.3.9 and Office V.X

Forumosa Mac,

So I am running 10.3.9 and have NO problems whatsoever with chinese input in native Mac OS apps, like ITunes, Appleworks, etc.

BUT when I do chinese input when using Mac Office V.X Word (old I know), I get these extra spaces added on which make editing a pain.

And I can’t get chinese input at all in Mac Office V.X Excel.

I want to know if anyone has been able to do chinese input in Mac Office V.X and if so, maybe we can PM and figure out if my settings are wrong. Or if someone is willing to let me try Office 2004 since I want to try it before I pony up the money for @(##(!@*#@$$*$@# M$hit compatibility.


Can’t you use the Appleworks spreadsheet and save it as an Excel file???

I think you’ll find the answer here: … #Microsoft

The entire site has lots of information for OS X and Chinese. There’s also an accompanying Yahoo Group; I think it’s called chinese-mac.


Gary’s link rocks the house!

Thank you!

It works now after the patch.

Another forum poster has offered me Office 2004 to try. Can anyone here provide some insight if it is worth the upgrade? What were the new features that you found useful over V.X?


:slight_smile: I didn’t really start using Office for the Mac much until 2004. These days, I use Word and Excel only lightly; it’s been a while since I’ve done anything advanced with Office.

Take a look at the new features on the site. If anything looks useful get it.

I’ve never liked Office. The interface keeps getting more complicated and basic features never improve. Check out iWork. It might take a while before it competes with Office; but Apple really took the time to re-think how Office apps could be.