Mac DVD ripper

Can someone please point me toward a download for Mac OS X dvd ripper? I keep hitting dead ends, and I don’t know which ones are any good. Thanks!

  1. DVDbackup the DVD to your Mac
    (this will make a complete copy of the DVD exe: all Chapters and menus. It will be a Video_TS folder. If you wanted you could open up your DVD player click file then open video_ts file and watch the movie from your Hard drive.

  2. Use DVD2OneX to compress Video_TS folder down to less than 4.7G(once this is done you could Delete the first folder if you are pressed for disk space). The file will now only contain the movie.

  3. Now burn using Roxio toast. Jsut Drag entire file into window and click Burn.

DVDbackup download link

DVD2OneX download link

You might want to try forty-two(Versiontracker), make sure you have the BSD layer installed (it is on the OSX cd). It can convert your DVD to VCD, SVCD, AVI or a DVD iso.

If you just want to have an AVI (read: DivX) out of it, then also try HandBrake(Versiontracker).

HandBrake works in most cases. The workflow at is a bit time-consuming but does offer great quality and flexibility.