Mac Mini?

Anyone using a Mac Mini?

What do you like or dislike about it?

Any troubles with it?


I have a Mac Mini Server (back when there was such a distinction). I now use it hooked up to the TV as a media player, controlled via the Apple remote and Plex, and it does a fine job. It functioned well as my main computer for a few years, but now it’s in semi-retirement as I have a shiny new Macbook Air doing the grunt work. I like the Mini; good performance, low power consumption, small form factor. The only downside (when compared to a Fusion Drive-equipped iMac or a Macbook Pro/Air with SSD is the slow boot time. I’m not a gamer so I can’t comment on graphical performance under stress, and I would imagine that for resource-hungry programs like Premiere you’d need something a bit beefier, but for everyday use it’s a nice bit of kit.

Cool, thanks! I can get one with a fusion drive, and the most graphics intensive stuff I’ll be doing will be video conferencing, so it sounds like a reasonable, low cost entry level mac that’s about perfect for what I need (and it ought to fit in my suitcase).

Aside from the portability, any advantage to the Air in your opinion?

The all-in-one form factor? With having an external monitor, keyboard and mouse the Mini mandates a lot of extra cabling. Also the Air’s display is a lot better than most mid-range monitors you might pair with your Mini, unless you want to shell out another 30k for the Apple Display or another brand’s similarly flashy monitor. Built-in webcam is handy, too—I have a Logitech camera with the Mini so I can talk to my family on the big screen, and it’s decent enough, but not as good as the FaceTime camera on the Air.

Thanks, good points all.

I’m new to the Mac world, my home network is mostly Linux with a single WIn7 box, so I’m not super familiar with Mac. I have a work MBP, but all I do on it is work stuff, especially since it’s a governemt job so oversight is pretty strict. Mostly I’m heading down the Mac road so I can do some iOS development on the side.

I have a Mac Mini attached to my TV in the lounge room. I use it as my main entertainment device and love it. I had the memory upgraded to 8GB before I bought it so that i wouldn’t suffer any lag issues. A great investment.