Mac OS 10.5 Leopard is coming soon

All I can say is WAAOOOOOO.
Another gem from Apple, I just can’t wait for this new release. The new features look simply amazing.
What do you, Mac fans, say about this?

:smiley: Reason enough to buy myself a third Mac?
Err… maybe not. But I can dream.

I really like the look of it. Stacking files looks nice. Photo booth looks fun and but the best thing looks to be Time Machine.

I just don’t like MacBooks enough to replace my iBook, though… With Macs, I like the ‘cosmetic’ stuff, but it’s not always that useful. When I am on my crappy PeeCee at work, the things I miss are ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Expose’. Not having Spotlight seriously slows me down.

Maybe if this iBook ever breaks…

I think time machine is going to be very useful, I like Quick Look though even better.
I need to get myself a core 2 duo or better. Running core animation on these new machines with Leopard is going to be just awesome.
I am going to have to let go a couple of my Powerbooks… :frowning:

Let go of Powerbooks?
Ok, maybe I can get a third machine after all.
igorveni… let’s talk… :rainbow:

The news on the mac furums is that Leopard isn’t coming until October. Apparently it was still too buggy for an early release. It looks really cool , though.

Yes, Leopard will be released towards the end of October. Can’t waiiiiit.