Mac users- link Yahoo mail to Mac Mail?

I would like to set up a link from my free Yahoo E-mail account to the Mail program on the Mac. Is it possible? I posted this on the Mac forum and got a very strange reply, which didn’t work!

I’ve tried to link it, but can’t seem to get it to work. It would be so handy. Unfortunately, I do not have a POP account to link it to.

Thanks for any advice.

L :smiley:

As far asI know you can link hotmail to you MS Entourage email but Mac Mail won’t /can’t link to yahoo mail. I 'd love the same feature myself. I don’t use macmail because of this. I’d love to be proven wrong. I use my hotmail account as an anti-spam barrier and only use my ‘real’ account for important contacts. I have a gmail account but it won’t work at work because of security features at my work station :frowning:

I use macmail and have 1) gmail 2) hotmail and 3) hinet mail all linked to it. With hotmail, you need a plugin workaround so it’s quite possible that with yahoo you’ll also need one, too.

It would appear that you need to be a Yahoo Mail+ subscriber to acccess your account from a mail client. Read this… … cess4.html

Though not precisely what you’re looking for, MailForward will get the job done for you:

Thanks guys for the info. Interesting :slight_smile:

I get my yahoo mail through Mailblocks. Mailblocks came out a few years ago with $15 a year mail, I believe. They were the first with a challenge-response method of dealing with spam.

I don’t really use the account. But it can download hotmail and yahoo, so I kept it.

There may be other mail bundles for yahoo; there is hotmail one mentioned above. So far, I don’t think it’s been updated for Tiger