Mac Users, Please Help


I just recently purchased an ibook G4, and am waiting for it in excitement…it’s the first Mac that I am going to be proud owner of. However, I live in the US and would like to start to learn how to type in Chinese with this new purchase, which brings me to my question:

Where can I get an ibook Chinese keyboard to replace what I have right now? The Apple store in the US doesn’t sell it. (WHY! WHY! Tears.) And I was told that the only way to get it is to get it overseas. Do you guys know where I can get it for a good price? Also, for those of you who type in Chinese, what is a good program to use?


Changing the keyboard will be very expenive.
Just find someone to send you a keyboard from taiwan or china and plug it in your usb slot.
Or if you like it more stylish get the chinese version of the apple bluetooth keyboard. But of course i dont know where to get it in the US.

there are quite a few input methods you can choose from (they are already in the computer) and the ones i use the most are han-yin and pin-yin

han-yin is basically typing out the ㄅㄆㄇㄈ from your keyboard. If you are not familiar with the position of the keys, I’m pretty sure you can purchase stickers to stick on

it’s not that much different to that on a PC

unless you’re going to be on the road alot it’s best to get an external keyboard for your ibook if it’s your main computer. pretty much any usb keyboard will work.

also for input stuff, all the way from pinyin to changing the os language, this is a good place to look if you haven’t already