Traveling to Macau over christmas… Tips and suggestions about having fun with a 6month old in tow?? :?:

Will you be staying in Macau or in HK and taking the ferry?

I suggest a lunch or dinner at Solamar. Don’t have the addy on me today, but will bring it in tomorrow. Order the african chicken… grubbin food!~ Only 1 problem… no high chairs, so bring your stroller. I actually found Macau easier to get around with a stroller than HK or even Taipei for that matter.

The fort near st pauls is great, and there is a new museum, we had limited time, so did not go in, but it looks great.

Avoid Hotel Lisboa…(at least the casino) all I can say… it ain’t vegas, and unless you like to play Pai Gao and gamble THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS (US THAT IS) and enjoy filling your lungs with smoke… not really worth it.

Lots of neat streets near the city center to wander around and look at the great architecture and the antique shopping is supposed to be pretty good.

I will try to remember the address for Solamar tomorrow.

A day in hongkong…ferry to macau…3 days there…then another day in hk and back to dear old taipei! I dunno if this is a great itinerary, but its what I’ve got! :wink:
Have any ideas for vegetarian food? Cause my brother+sister in law are meeting us there and they don’t eat meat!

Rent a car. You can visit everything there is to be seen in a day. Or over two days, if you take it real slow.

Thanks monkey.
Hey Kristy did you find the address for Solamar?

I did… it is about a 10 minute walk from the Leal Senate (just walk down (east) the main strip which is ave. de alemeida riberio, later called ave. Infante d. Henrique,) towards the hotel Lisboa) Solamar is just off SE corner of Ave. Infante d. Henrique and Rue Praia Grande.

Address: Rue da Praia Grande 8-10.

Looks old and cheesy, but last time we were there we saw a huge table of western and chinese men speaking Portuguse and grubbing on a bunch of yummy food!

Have a great time!