MacBook Screen Repair/Replacement

FWIW, friend of mine had an urgent screen replacement to a ~2 year old MacBook Pro on a Sunday recently. Took about 2 hours.

Cost NT$16000 at a Guanghua area shop. Don’t know how that cost compares to non-emergency repair costs.

I probably would of just bought a new one because I use the cloud. They don’t.

Reason #591 to never buy an apple product.

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I had my Asus ROG’s 15" screen replaced there, full hd regular IPS (not pretty at all compared to mac book), costs me 6000 NTD,
for mac book pro, it has 2K retina display, the screen alone i believe will cost >10k, with the service added, extra “urgent”, and apple premium charge, imo the price is justified.

Price is about right, but if the could justify getting a new one, they could have transferred the data without a screen. Or got a external monitor and used it as a desk top

Some people just want to do it their way. All this was suggested, but no, need to have same computer with new screen immediately “so I don’t lose my data”.

by the way, the price of 2 yo macbook pro still above 40k or more if the specs is good enough, if I was him, i will ask for regular repair (1 week or so).