Mac's and anti-virus programs

Do Mac’s need an anti-virus program? I don’t have one and i have never seen any marketed to macs… do you Mac people out there have an AV program on your Mac? I used Grisoft AVG (free) when I had a pc laptop and it was great… but they don’t have a Mac version.

I used to, but pulled it off. But I’ve got a pair of G4s, not an Intel-based Mac, and the new ones are supposedly more vulnerable.

I have a Macbook which also runs Parallels so I can run Windows programs. I use Norton on that. In fact that is a very important consideration, methinks.


I used to have Norton, but after getting soundly bitched out by my Apple guy I got rid of it. The computer worked better afterwards, too.

I have a macbook that’s only a few months old. haven’t had any problems with it and I download lots of tv shows and movies and stuff… was always told mac’s don’t need AV programs. I don’t run parallels cause I don’t need Windows for anything… [/u]

I haven’t used av software on a Mac since I had a copy of Disinfectant - that was about 10 years ago I think. I don’t think it’s ever been much of an issue.

I use Clamxav

It can be installed without the GUI as well (just the engine)
Since I use MacPorts I thought it was smoothest to just install the engine there
and get the GUI from above mentioned website.


The word on the street is that in the new macs you can get a virus if you’re using a windows partition, but it’s difficult, and very difficult for that virus to infect the rest of your computer. There was also some rumour a while ago about some mac virus that could get in through an overlooked Quicktime update. I think they fixed it or something.

I’m sure the viruses are coming sooner or later, but I check the forums regularily and nobody seems to be that worried about it, and very few people actually run anti-virus software.

That’s reassuring.

I was wondering about when the virus folks might get interested in mac viruses. It seems to me that there are a hell of a lot of recent converts to Mac, myself included. Interesting to know what the market share spread between Windows and Macs is at this point and if that influences the minds of the devious wankers that generate viruses.


I have a powerbook 17" and a 12", never had any trouble and never had any virus.
When I get an intelmac, I sure would not get XP or Vista on it.