Mad Chafing. How to stop it?

As humidity goes up things get less comfortable. By the afternoon I got too much friction going on down there.

Do I have to switch from boxer briefs to tidy whities?

Any other suggestions?

Go see a skin doctor, they may be able to prescribe something to clear it up.

Talcum powder can help and change underwear/clothes.

Lil Prickly Heat Powder on the nut sack will work wonders, and put a little pep in your step.

Get a few pairs of those dry-fit, spandexy-type boxer athletic undergarments. Avoid the cheap ones with cotton. I wear them under my regular workout shorts for jogging and helps a lot to prevent chafing. They also help to keep your balls from beating the hell out of your thighs

Go commando.

Where can I get dry fit boxer briefs in Taiwan? I bought some Champion boxer briefs from States but can’t find any here. Any suggestions?

Even with dry fit I still get to hot. By the time I hit the gym at 6, trying to do squats is painful. So I gotta shower before I exercise and get a new pair.

Anyone use Vaseline? Webmd recommended it but not sure.

If I remember right I was lucky enough to get mine at Carrefour. I would start there if you shop there anyway, then if needed, work my to the various stores and shops selling sporting attire. I use vaseline quite often but only at home. It works great for issues with…ummm…chafing

Prickly Heat Powder - that’s great.

As headhancho says, talcum powder (滑石粉 hua2 shi2 fen3) does the job. Any pharmacy store and most grocery stores will have it.

Talcum powder to prevent (take the bottle with you for reapps) and a bottle of Solarcaine to recover.

Why not just go commando? Is it due to uncontrollable wood? Leakage problems? I honestly don’t know why wearing underpants is so mainstream. Seems really unnatural.

What always fix me right away even after long hours (I was a waiter I had several rashes on long double shifts) is corn starch, instead of any kind of powder, you apply it and is like you just got new fresh dry skin.

I tried baby powder (talcum powder) with dry fit boxer briefs and by 4pm it wasn’t so good. (hot / humid days)
Kinda wondering if its a humid as hell day do I go vaseline or tidy whities. Although I haven’t worn tidy whities since I was 10. Also,
I’m not sure it will fix the problem.

cal, not sure if your dry-fit boxers are the hugging (fitting) type, which would hold “things” in place. if they’re not, you can get them in almost any night markets for NT500/3prs. maybe have 7-11 start selling some undies with that ‘cooling’ materials of theirs. :discodance:

I do not like the dry fit compression type boxers. Instead of chafing between the legs I ended up with chafing between the cheeks. :bluemad:

I just use baby powder now. I can tell the difference in the middle of the day if I forgot to use it.

I tried vaseline before when I was hiking everyday in the heat and I didn’t think it worked well.

I think you should be using an ointment (bacitracin type) at night because your skin is damaged and chafing probably occurs easily due to that.

Commando + Diaper Rash Cream.

cosmetic grade silicone