Maddening Chinese Sayings

[color=blue]“Yes, but which one is correct?”[/color]
They both are.
[color=blue]“But which one should I say”[/color]
You can say both.
[color=blue]“But which is better?”[/color]

[color=blue]“Everything has its two sides.”[/color]

[color=blue]“Oh, you’re so white!”[/color]

I think this belongs in the Open Forum, but I’ll play anyway.

[color=blue]"Nimen waiguoren…"followed by any inane question which I am supposed to answer on behalf of hundreds of millions of non-Taiwanese people.[/color]
I can only speak for one 34 year old male American.

[color=blue]“How much money do you make per hour? Per month?”[/color]
Oh, I work for the CIA, and can’t disclose my salary.

[color=blue]“How many times a week?” [/color]
What do you mean?
[color=blue]“You, know, with your girlfriend…”[/color]
We haven’t done that yet. We’re virgins.

How about “yinggai” as in:

When does the Chinese new year trash pickup for big items start?
Should be pretty soon. It’s almost Chinese new year.

Is there a shop around here that sells mattresses?
Should be. There are a lot around.

It drives me crazy when I ask a question and someone just tells me the first thing they think of.

I also can’t stand “lihai”.
You just wiped your own ass! Lihai ah!

[color=blue]“Bu Hao Yi Si”[/color]

I used to think it was an apology. Now I’ve finally realized it equates to “it’s not my fault”, and hence it is ideal in this society of appauling customer service.

PS. Could one of you nice moderators please put this in the open forum where it belongs. :unamused:


cha bu duo Especially when dealing with service or products.
“Excuse me, but should my motorcycle be making that loud, high-pitched clinking sound.”
“Huh? Oh… chabuduo…”
It’s too often an excuse to do crappy jobs.

You’re not like a real foreigner; you’re more like a Chinese person.
After their delayed acceptance of the fact that I think affairs are bad things, treat women with respect, and I DON’T have constant one night stands. :unamused: