MADE IN TAIWAN: Part 3, Discovery Channel, shows on May 29th

[quote]MADE IN TAIWAN, an initiative by Discovery Channel and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, is a three-episode programme that explores all things Taiwanese and attempts to gain insight into the lives of the Taiwanese
people. Each episode looks at various elements of Taiwanese culture from festivals and food to rites and rituals, from history and heritage to current trends and practices. Viewers get to see what sets Taiwan apart from other countries in the region, and learn about what it really means to be Taiwanese.

The first episode of MADE IN TAIWAN premiered last October, followed by the second episode in December. This May, MADE IN TAIWAN concludes with its final installment, FESTIVALS which will premiere on May 29
at 8 : 3 0 pm and repeats on June 5 at 3:30pm.

Taiwan is an island steeped in history, culture, tradition and ancient rites. Over the course of Taiwan 's history there have been many invaders and settlers