Made redundant by robots?


Could be some horrific competition in the workplace if this bears out.

Should have invested in the AI stocks and sat back and watched the world go by…google,nvidia, Facebook, Amazon…


Google translate now uses what’s called “phrase based translation”. While it’s an improvement, it’s still fundamentally limited. Basically GT has a huge corpus of writing in multiple languages that it uses to find matches. It’s a very sophisticated dictionary that deals with whole phrases, not just words. But it’s still just a very sophisticated dictionary at its core, that’s why it can’t accurately translate beyond the scale of just a small phrase. My chinese is pretty garbage, and even I notice very obvious mistakes.

So the silver lining is that I really don’t think top notch translators will ever be out of work. It’s science fiction at this point to expect fully accurate machine translation - as in it’s not a thing will linearly improve until humans aren’t needed, it’s a thing that would need a massive gargantuan breakthrough in AI.

I’m a bit surprised that people think they can use google translate as a push button solution to translation. I myself use it as a tool to aid my writing, but I’d never trust it to translate everything, even with my rudimentary skills.


And now, even artists’ jobs are under threat! :neutral_face:


Oh dear. :hushed:


Just need a robot to talk to the Forumosa chatbot and I can just stare at the screen.


I think that’s why they invented TVs.


Here’s how I see it playing out. Humans will gradually replace their human partners with better-performing sex robots, and as a result will stop breeding completely. Then, as the remaining humans age and go saggy, their sex robots will replace them with new sex robot partners. Eventually, the world will be populated entirely by sex robots…oh, and cockroaches.


Eventually only cockroaches.


Either that, or the sex robots will power themselves with bioelectric cockroach batteries. Talk about renewable energy! The Energizer Bunny will seem so low-tech in comparison.


Either that, or robots and cockroaches will merge into roboroaches!

Or is the correct term cockbots? :thinking:


OK, now they’re trying to steal jobs from our poor, hardworking strippers. Have they no shame!?!


OK, I didn’t realize discobot had his own comic strip…


When the Church of Satan starts endorsing sex robots, you know they must be a good idea!


We’re getting there!

Still can’t be worse than an Ahma on a scooter, so no worries I guess


Yeah, it won’t hesitate to run you over…just like any other vehicle on the road.


Something that actually stops at traffic lights 100% of the time is already a superior solution.


Yeah, but the local engineers will probably program it to run red lights to save time if it’s running late.


Bonus points for hitting young children and small animals.

STOP with the cynicism already Brian don’t you know Hippyfest 2018 has only just finished !


Look at the bright side…at least it won’t come at you with an aluminum bat if you honk at it (that would add too much to the cost).


Guys, let’s not mention traffic lights, they’re a problematic topic, especially the red ones