Magic Touch Sushi

:bomb: No you better stay and exit when you got something better.

Looks yummy. Got to give it a try one of these days. Love food blog and restaurant introductions. Thanks for sharing.

@tango42 is that actually a pile of sashimi? (God, I hope so). I am not a huge fan of nigiri, if there was a bunch of rice under there. I’ll be up North this weekend and would definitely give the place a chance. Otherwise, it’s usually a rushed grab of a prepped tray of nigiri from Sushi Express as I rush through an HSR on my way somewhere, since Mos Burger takes AGES to prep a burger.

Never mind, I ended up eatung ten plates at the HSR Sushi Express. If anyone could suggest a better place offering more sashimi (less nigiri and sushi), I’d be much obliged.

Yes, it was huge. They have a whole menu just for salmon lovers. Not a huge variety of sashimi.

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Thanks for the recommendation. It’s on my to do list, even though I’m in Taipei only once or twice a month…

how does it fare compared to sushi express? that place kinda has me covered for sushi. although sometimes i wanna eat the american kind, the…better kind :wink:

I say a half to step up on quality, half step down on variety of sushi. They have more variety of other types of food.

Sometimes a trip to the seaside/harbour is worth with it. The prices are lower and the freshness is the best. Not sure where to find such places in Taibei, sorry, but those nice little rides out to the seaside bring both delicious food and a sense of serenity and peace.

Eh … don’t count on the freshness part.

You know about NCISushi, right? One of the few North American-style sushi places around.

Totally agree. Depends on the location. Do your research. I’ve had experiences pulling oysters fresh from the sea and immediately eating them. In terms of freshness, the experiences vary, but local help or a keen eye will help in identifying the freshest! Good luck. I’m lucky to live in the South :smirk:

the south is the only part of taiwan with sea surrounding it :wink:

i do, its awesome. i would go there more often if it was cheaper

True that. I pop into Sushi Express for a quick reasonably priced meal. I enjoy NCIS but it’s an occasional treat. Plus the roll sizes mildly annoy me, although that’s typical for North American sushi places: one roll always seems too small, two rolls too much.

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is american sushi big in america? it seems weird how its the only american style sushi place in taiwan but in general theres no shortage of american style food. i guess the locals are not into it.

Most all sushi in America is American style, not Japanese style.

I suspect most North Americans don’t realize that the sushi they usually eat is more Californian than it is Japanese. Yeah, those west coast rolls are popular, and probably what most people think about when they hear the word sushi.

Magic Touch Sushi,
Magic Touch Sushi,
Magic Touch Sushi.
Just sounds funny rolling off the tongue.

(Made you say it! :crazy_face:)

I confess when I first saw the topic, I thought it was a new development on the possibly apocryphal naked-sushi places.