Magistrate Objects to police chief appointment

Can anyone shed some light on the small article, (side bar, page 15, China Post Friday May 26) , in which we read that Taipei County Magistrate, Chou Hsi-wei has expressed his total oppostion to the new head of his county’s police bureau.
Evidently the problem is that the guy in question - named Lin Kuo-tung - was appointed direct by the National Police Agency, instead of, by the, ‘time honored system’ whereby three names are suggested to the County Magistrate. The County Magistrate then makes his choice and the Central government announces it.
After a deadlock of two months the Ministry of the Interior went ahead and announced Lin as the new County police bureau head. Chou not only refused to preside over the takeover ceremony but will neither recognise Lin nor allow him to attend county government meetings.
What is the system they have going here? What is the relationship between the police and the magistrates. How can this f.up arise. I’m not saying this is about corruption but from my passing impression the magistrates and the police chiefs here do seem very political, and often corrupt. And I don’t understand the power the magistrates have in the system or their relationship with/to the police.
What might be going on? I’m curious. :s

Three nominees. All keen for the post. Whoever gives the most to the county magistrate gets the job. With that little earner taken away from him, the magistrate is pissed. You have to remember that the ONLY reason people here go into politics is for what they can get out of it, so for the magistrate its nothing at all to do with his authority being undermined and everything to do with an opportunity for graft being taken away. Which was precisely the reasoning behind the change in the system.

Interesting. As far as the magistrate goes, its a bit like putting your hand up and saying, 'I’m a corrupt @$@#!. I bet he looks them straight in the eye and says, ‘How am I going to ensure I get a good honest guy for the job, if I can’t choose him myself’. Ha ha.
Mind you we could be wrong, of course, and there’s more to it than meets the eye.

From what I’ve been able to learn, Sandman has it sussed exactly.
Look for this to happen again in some other locations.
And it ain’t gonna be liked… :smiling_imp:

How’s a man suppose to make a dishonest living on Taiwan anymore?

Ask Ma Yingjeou’s friend, the mayor of Keelung?

sandman, I really hope the guy doesn’t read this post… :laughing: