Magnesium Citrate 350 mg

Hi, I was looking for Magnesium Citrate 350mg. So far in every drug store (for example “yes” chain) I see surprised faces. I thought it won’t be a problem to get it here. In Amazon the bottle of Magnesium Citrate costs around 17 USD, but after adding shipping costs its almost 200 USD :astonished:
Does anyone know where else I can find Magnesium Citrate 350 mg (or 400 mg). I don’t want any vitamin supplements, just pure magnesium.
Thanks for your suggestions!

I looked for Mg too and drew a complete blank. They just don’t seem to do it here!

In the end, I overcame the deficiency possibility by making more effort to get genuine wholegrain things, eat more beans and LOTS of greens of any and all types, esp raw. Mg is a part of the make up of chlorophyll, the green part in plants, so if you eat green leafy things, you can’t help but get Mg. :slight_smile: