Mah Jong Stratagy in English

I’m looking for a book that does more than just tell you how to play the game. First, I’ve bought 3 Mah Jong books here so far, and they all have 1 or 2 pages on Taiwanese Mah Jong at most. I already know how to play, I feel very comfortable playing in both the north and south of Taiwan (they use different rules)

What I am looking for is a book that teaches me how to read what other players need so I don’t feed them or get “hu’ed” Which tiles to keep in which circumstances etc. Otherwise, a place that teaches Mah Jong in English would be nice. My Chinese isn’t quite good enough to be taught entirely in Chinese. My wife purchased a book the other day which is fantastic, unfortunatley its all Chinese and a little too hard for me to read. (Talking about a page a week at my pace)

P.S. Any foreigners (or Chinese) in Taoyuan area interested in playing (LOW stakes like maybe 100/20) should PM. Maybe we can set up a game sometime for fun.

Why doesn’t the government offer scholarships/ARCs to people who come to Taiwan to learn 16 tile Mah Jiang?

I bought a book here in English, at Caves called “Wonderful taiwan Mah Jong” By Dragon Shiang-Yu Chang. it was $500. ISBN 957-41-1174-1

When you learn and wanna play let me know, as I’ve been looking for people to play with for the past year!!

best of luck :rainbow: