Maid / Housekeeper Recomendations


Hi, please check PM. I got one the last time we did the renovation, and she charges quite fair. Let me know your conditions so I can tell her in advance, also give you her number to contact.


Looking for a cleaning lady in the Taichung area. If you know of any, please let me know!


I can recommend an excellent English speaking service. Taipei City 250 @ hour.
Elsewhere negotiable. Taipei County if near the MRT @ 300 p.h.

Minimum 3 hours a time.

PM me please.


I can recommend a friend, her husband is Taiwanese, so she can work part time legally. She charges NT$300/hour, minimum of 2 hours, but she works fast! Speaks good English too. PM me so I can give you her contact number.



Can anyone help with a cleaning service. I need someone / company to clean my apartment thoroughly before i move in. ie, walls, cupboards, every nook and cranny etc.

Need some one very very urgent, like today or tomorrow.
Price is not important. But a company that can speak some degree of english will be bonus.



This lady is usually busy but she has some free time available now.

For a reliable housekeeper or part time nanny or part time cleaner… Fluent English spoken.

Highly recommended

PM me for the number…Taipei City or County if near an MRT station.

Negotiable rates depending on location and services required…


Anyone still have recommendations for a maid, Daan area, maybe 2 hours once a week?



pm me if you are still looking for maid?


Hi. I am also looking for someone to come in once a week, probably for 4 or 5 hours. Need someone who is good at ironing. Da-An district. PM me if interested. Thanks!


We are also looking for someone to come do some basic cleaning in our apartment. We would prefer someone who speaks a little bit of English to clean 2 hours per week. We live in Neihu right by the MRT. If anyone knows someone who can work legally that they would recommend please PM me. Thanks.


Anyone got a good recommendation for a maid who can come clean near the Taipower Building MRT Station?


And if anyone can recommend a maid in the Guting area, pls. send me a PM.

Would need her once per week, 3-4 hours maximum. Ideally on Saturdays.
It would help if she speaks some basic English as my Chinese is still basic too. :slight_smile:


Would also be interested in a Maid for maybe 3 hours a week in Taichung if anybody knows of someone reliable?
I do not expect this

but also not this:

Thanks :slight_smile:


hey guys, i need to find someone who can do one really good cleaning of my house, just scrubbing counter tops, bath tub, sinks, dusting…i’m in taipei city, near taipei main station. if anyone has any recommendations, let me know


Yeah, I need one to scrub my bathroom before it develops sentience.


We are also looking for a housekeeper to clean our three bedroom apartment once each week. We live near Guting MRT. If you know of anyone, please forward their contact details! :slight_smile:


Hi all. Anyone have any contact details for a housekeeper in Taipei? Thanks


Hi I need a housekeper for 2 hours a week. Budget $600 its a real small place 15 ping.


I guess I’m going into the cleaning business …

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[quote=“shiadoa”]Would also be interested in a Maid for maybe 3 hours a week in Taichung if anybody knows of someone reliable?
I do not expect this

but also not this:

Thanks :slight_smile:[/quote]

BUMP . I can’t seem to find a cleaner easily…and I am tidy!. willing to pay 500NT an hour for picture 1 and 300NT for picture 2. nothing to do with beauty…just reckon an older person will be slower :slight_smile: Ageist only. Taichung is not as easy as Taipei for cleaners.