Mail - does anyone know

…how long it takes for a registered (one that needs to be signed for this end) A4 sized package to be sent from the US to Taiwan?

All it is is standard air mail, and I need to sign for it.

It’s quite an important order and it has been 14 day’s since it was shipped. should I be concerned and start naking enquiries?

Thanks in anticipation.

Not overly concerned… but an inquiry might be in order.

Dont you have a tracing number.I got an A4 sized package from South Africa and it took about a week.I had a tracing number,so I traced it the whole way.

It usually takes 10 days if Customs doesn’t open it, but a few more days if Customs opens it.

I recommend that in the future, you tell people to send things by “Global Priority Mail” (GPM). It’s much faster than regular “air mail”. It only takes 7 days for GPM to get to Taiwan from the States, and the Taiwanese mailmen even deliver GPM on Saturdays and Sundays. (No other mail is delivered on the weekend except “Special Delivery” and “Express Mail”.)

Also GPM is much cheaper than regular “air mail” because the price for GPM is only based on the size of the envelope, so the weight doesn’t matter at all. There are two sizes of GPM envelopes:

“Small” is 6" x 9.5" (15 x 24 cm), and costs $5 to mail (regardless of weight).

“Large” is 9.5" x 12.5" (24 x 32 cm) and costs $9 to mail (regardless of weight).

Also, Customs has never opened any GPM packages that were sent to me (not yet, anyway).

when it’s important, I usually use EMS (Express mail service). It’s a bit slower than courier service, but a letter to the US delivered within 3 days for NT$430 is relatively cheap.

I have tried to be late on an order due to the fact that the customer mailed me some important specs on a cd rom using standard air mail - not too damn funny.

Thanks alot guy’s, your answers are appreciated.