Mail-order Magazines

Recently started getting magazines delivered here. It works out quite a bit cheaper and they seem to be quite up-to-date; i received the August edition of Nat. Geog. Adventure in early July (fun to read, loads of pretty pics but, sadly, very N. American focused. Don’t recommend it for any Americans who miss their outdoor life there; it’ll drive you mad!)

Cost is a lot more for international delivery but still works out favourably. A year’s sub for GQ, for instance, is US$45 for 12 issues including delivery.

It took over 2 months for the first delivery which was a bummer but once they started coming it was fine (i have mine delivered to my workplace as i feel this is more convenient/reliable)


Mark 0938:

Aren’t you just a little concerned a colleague might open the brown paper on one of your “magazines”?


Ahhh, yes, some of the mags go to the office. Some ‘others’ are delivered straight to my bathroom.