Mailing dangerous objects


I recently bought a sword here, and although it has no edge, the post office will not allow me to mail it back home to the US, as it is considered a dangerous object. I even showed it to the lady, showed it had no edge and that it was only dangerous if i decided to bludgeon someone with it, which i could also do with the books i was sending home. still a no-go. anyone have any ideas on how i can get this home? will the airlines allow me to take it? its too long to fit in my luggage. thanks!


Hi wai phy,

Yesterday, United Housing International (a moving service), happened to have submitted their contact information on our ORIENTED Yellow Pages, so I took this as a chance to ask about your dilemma. Here’s what Deborah Chang replied this morning:

quote[quote]…Refer to your query about how to ship a sword back to US – I phoned one of the Fedreal Express agent, and he told me this item needs an approval of the police authority to export abroad, it’s being considered as a weapon. You might want to suggest to your reader to go to the foreign police department and ask how to apply a pass for his sword.[/quote]Hope this helps. If anyone has experience any here, please post below


My mom sent me some Chinese herbal medicine from America called Huperzine-A. It’s a memory booster and I thought it might help me memorize Chinese characters. She was worried it might be still at the post office. I think she’s right. That’s ridiculous. It’s an ancient Chinese herbal medicine that is available in the USA but not in Taiwan! Is the post office suspicious of Chinese Medicine?

Big DoRK


This reminds me of Watermelon Powder (aka Watermelon Frost) – potent stuff from the Mainland that zaps canker-sores like you wouldn’t believe. It won’t take you long to find it on Grand St or Canal back in NYC, but here? I have yet to find a place. A while back, a colleague of mine had a friend who brought back Watermelon Frost Lozenges! I was so impressed

I’ve been told that simply because it is made “over there” it isn’t going to be in an herbal place here. I hope this isn’t true – but I don’t know where to get this stuff here