Mailing Magazines from the USA

It is so cheap to subscribe to magazines in the USA. GQ is only US$12 or $1 per issue when I subscribed during Christmas in the US. You know they cost about US$6 od US$7 here in Taiwan.

Well, I asked my grandparents to help me mail it here, but it is still too expensive. There is a special discount for printed matter and it cost only $5 to mail the magazine here. Not too bad.

Now I want to know what if I added one more magazine, does the price only go up a little? That way I can subscribe to a couple of magazines and have them mailed here every month and maybe the price is only $6.50 cents total mailing fee or something like that? Can someone check for me please? I have checked the USPS website, but can’t find the info I am looking for. Does anyone know?

Hi Hobart,

There is a great mag website that offers int’l shipping for most of its stuff.

The subscription rates are discounted, so even with the shipping, it still comes out to less than picking it up here at the bookstores… at least the ones I’ve been looking at.

Have your grandparents stop by their local United States Post Office and ask specifically for the Global Priority Express Flat Rate Envelope. You can stuff up to 4 lbs. of stuff in there and as long as it fits, they will send it to Taiwan for $9 (the box rate is more expensive). You can send 3 to 4 magazines + a video tape, ect. Its a great deal. You can give the finger to Cave’s bookstore ($7 for a magazine???) as well as the cable company (90 channels in Chinese and 6 English channels of pure crap). It usually takes less than 7 days to be sent from southern California to Kaohsiung.