I’m think it depends on the person you’re talking to. If you’re talking to a strong KMT supporter who’s family came here after the civil war or those people that gather and fly the CCP flag around yeah, they use mainland because they believe that The island is in some way part of “China”

But for me it’s always used in a way to refer to China without grouping HK and even Macau in. I know many people in HK use this term as well as they see themselves as different than people from the rest of China. Almost no one in HK would deny they are part of china now but they still view themselves different in a spectrum of way.

Many people only know the history of the island from the Chinese civil war and the retreat of the KMT. But many people’s families on the island like mine have settled here hundreds of years before that. Mine came over 200 years ago from fujian to settle and set up trade, develop and owning land here that is now modern day 中和. So to take a look at the island from only from that part of the history doesn’t give you the full picture of what is taiwan. Many here have built the island before the KMT and Japanese, setting up governments here that was not really even controlled by the Qing dynasty.


Well it is political. They just never realised it.


And what’s the meaning of DaLu, and what’s the problem with it?

Also, I thought that this thread was about the English word.


I, for one, always call China “China,” and never “the Mainland.” The country is generally known as China, after all. The fact that this grinds the gears of those who have been politically brainwashed is a bonus.


Is there actually anybody who get offended if you call China… China?



If I say to someone “I will be going to China next week” on the phone from Taiwan, some will take exception.



Fuck them then.


Another related example linked here:

And what’s the meaning of DaLu, and what’s the problem with it?
Also, I thought that this thread was about the English word.

“dalu” means “continent” or “continental” or “mainland”. Locally it’s very often used as a synonym for “China” in Chinese and Taiwanese. I wonder if it’s solely a post-1949 usage in that context or might have preceded it? The old KMT government typically referred to China as “mainland China” (hence preserving the notion of “one China”) and it has been common in newspapers and other contexts. This usage crept into English as well.


Oh they get really triggered if you don’t include Taiwan in their idea of China. Like REALLY triggered.


Why? It’s what they have been taught.


Taught by whom, and where exactly?

ETA: I concede that it ain’t necessarily bullcrap, I misunderstood the statement


In China, by their history books and teachers.

Is there any need for the aggressive language?


That’s nothing, stick around.

You’re saying people in China get huffy when you call it “China”?




If you are in Taiwan and say to a colleague in China “I will be coming to see you in China next week” they might get in a huff. Younger people in bigger cities usually won’t, because while following the status quo in terms of views towards Taiwan, they understand that it’s quite a grey area.


Sure. I piss people off on a regular basis by calling China China, usually die-hard KMT supporters and PRCers. The reactions range from outrage to mild cognitive dissonance. When I told a PRCer last week that I prefer Taiwan to China, he literally started foaming at the mouth.


I still don’t understand why the guy in China is getting upset because you’re calling it “China”?? What does he want you to call it???


Because to him, you are already in China. You should say mainland


Why would you call someone that stupid in the first place?


Not stupid. Thats the way they have been brought up.