You mean sources of Mao’s support for Taiwan independence?

1928, members of Taiwan Communist Parties who escaped Japanese persecution announced the formation of their party with the support of the CCP in Shanghai Their party mission statement:


2.台湾人民独立万岁 (Viva Taiwanese Independence)
3.建立台湾共和国 (Formation of the Taiwan Republic)

In 1936, Edgar Snow interviewed Mao, and published in "Red Star over China"

Mao responded unequivocally:

It is the immediate task of China to regain all our lost territories, not merely to defend our sovereignty south of the Great Wall. This means that Manchuria must be regained. We do not, however, include Korea, formerly a Chinese colony, but when we have re-established the independence of the lost territories of China, and if the Koreans wish to break away from the chains of Japanese imperialism, we will extend them our enthusiastic help in their struggle for independence. The same thing applies for Taiwan.

In 1947, Mao made a statement on the radio in response to the KMT’s 228 massacre of Taiwanese elites.


Our armed forces led by the Chinese Communist Part completely supports the struggle of the people of Taiwan against Chiang Kai-shek and the KMT. We support Taiwan independence. We support Taiwan form a nation with self-determination.

There are also such statements from Zhou En-lai. They didn’t claim Taiwan as part of its territory until Chiang boldie got here.


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But anyway:

In this time frame (gotta go to my gig soon), I don’t think I can do any justice to that one, but I can provide some obvious stuff.

You got your Mainland Affairs Council, founded in 1988:

Then there’s Walt Rostow, the guy who gave us the Vietnam War (just kidding, just kidding, but back in 1969 my high school speech teacher seemed to give him a lot of “credit” for that war), or one or more of the other authors credited (I can’t tell precisely who wrote the quote below). By using the phrase, “News from the Mainland,” Rostow et al. seem to be quoting a Kuomintang publication:

Free China Review, a monthly founded in 1951 and published in Taiwan by the Nationalists. Strongly anti-Communist. Runs occasional articles on mainland China and regularly carries a section on “News from the Mainland,” which contains quotations from the press with comments.

–Walt W. Rostow, Richard W. Hatch, Frank A. Kierman, Jr., and Alexander Eckstein, Prospects for Communist China (1954) https://archive.org/stream/prospectsforcomm011791mbp#page/n361/mode/1up

But for me, the topper is that apparently in some circles Japan seems to be considered “part of China” (by the earlier-mentioned reasoning–and if so, they don’t call China the Middle Kingdom for nothing):

中国本土貿易不振の原因中国本土. . . .

Ajia mondai (1953–the publication year given may be wrong) https://goo.gl/G2QYz6

〇^ …

United Nations. Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, Ajia keizai nenpō (1961) https://goo.gl/iaqDnt

(Again, just kidding.)


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