Maison Kayser @ Breeze Center - now open

French bakery Maison Kayser is now open from last Friday in Breeze Center. It is located on B2 level next to Dean & Deluca, just outside Breeze Super.

Good Parts: A wide variety of delicious and authentic French style breads and desserts. Baguettes, rolls, loafs of various shapes and sizes, croissant, pain au chocolat, cookies, brownies, pastries, beignets, etc. We bought a variety of items there and I can say that all of them were delightful.

Bad Parts: At least on Sunday there was the dreaded queue to get in. Prices, especially for dessert items, were pretty high.

Are they real? Not adapted to Taiwanese lack of taste? Sounds great!

For now they are. They even had at least two white guys and two Japanese working there (the guy who looked like he was the manager was Japanese). Who knows what’ll happen after they’ve gotten over the opening-week rush? I also wonder how long people will put up with the astronomical prices they have. $70 for one beignet. $45 for one small raisin nut roll. $70 for one medium loaf of bread. By Paris standards that’s probably not much, but that’s 2-3 times what the inferior imitations in local bakeries go for.

I just had a look, will buy some bread there tonight. But prices are high, even a plain baguette costs NTD90!

70 sounds OK if its really good – We Care is almost OK and they charge up to 60 for some of their loaves. I’d happily go 70 if the quality’s there.

Did they still have a queue to get in today? I don’t mind the prices too much, but a long queue isn’t going to get me going too often.

Jlick wrote: [quote]We bought a variety of items there and I can say that all of them were delightful. [/quote]
Don’t you get your bread roll fix at your Subway restaurants?

Oh boy, what a nice loaded question. :wink:

I’ll just say that bread is more than just for sandwiches and leave it at that. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the bread really tastes French, I wouldn’t mind paying 90 or even 100 NT$ for it, it’s just that my experience with finding real French bread of any kind here is, well, let’s just say, inexistant.
So, I’ll give it a go, I guess!!

It was crowded but no queue to get in. Same in the evening when I went to buy some bread. Bought the baguette and something else, not too bad but expensive.

I think the “Little Mermaid” bakery fares better, it’s cheaper and the bread is IMO good, too. They have outlets at B3 of the new Sogo (Fuxing Store) and in the basement of The Mall / Far Eastern plaza hotel, same level as the c!ty’super in both cases (which has a good selection of imported goodies).


I think their sandwiches are very very good. The ham, tomato and mozzerala one and same with the parmesan and ham. Both are ~$160 NT which is very expensive, but great.

Was that at Maison Kayser or Dean & Delucca? The latter has such afaik but MK seems to offer salmon, roast beef and tomato + mozzarella (no ham) only.

The MK sandwhiches I mentioned cost NTD 170, 200 and 160 respectively - just had the tomato + Mozzarella for lunch, it was good but on the expensive side. Same goes for the bread, they have some rolls (with raisins and other stuff) that go for NTD35-45, and they are only the size of the soft rolls you get served on an airplane. The Danish pastries are around 70-80.