Major Depression


[quote=“Ermintrude”]pg, it does exactly the same as SSRI drugs, it’s just not very strong. Stuff like Prozac doesn’t often work if you are feeling bad in response to an event because different things are happening in your brain than the cyclic stuff (However, the ‘danger’ is that extreme stress can become cyclic so it’s important to control it with behavioural changes ).

Part of long term depression is knowing what is the illness and what is a sane reaction to a horrible situation. It’s never a good idea to medicate the second because you’ll fuck yourself up, long term. Medicating loss firstly doesn’t really work, and secondly leads to less ability to cope next time.

St John’s Wort affects hormonal birth control, so it’s not always the best plan for women.

(disclosure time: I wasn’t depressed upthread, I was just sad because a guy I really liked lied and treated me badly. )[/quote]

During the tough time I had a few years back I did take Prozac initially but it was very strange feeling, as I had never taken any kind of medium-long term medication before. I wouldn’t want to take that long term, the St John’s Wort just felt like a natural happy pill, rather than having strange chemicals rushing around in my body,

I can’t begin to think how you would treat a more serious depression that has its roots in childhood, although I would imagine that you would need to combine counselling in their somewhere. It’s not easy when things go tits up in a foreign country, especially somewhere like China or Taiwan. So it seems that St John’s Wort would be a good short term fix. Does it have long-term hormonal effects for women even after use is ceased ?


St John’s Wort works on serotonin reuptake as does Prozac - it has fewer side effects because it doesn’t work as well. The side effects from Prozac and the other SSRIs such as shitting a lot come from having too much serotonin, so it may be a good choice if you simply aren’t that ill (I really do mean ‘ill’, not ‘sad’: fucking about with your brain chemistry when you are in the middle of a trauma is asking for trouble/brain damage).

Women shouldn’t take it if they’re on the pill. Nothing like getting unwantedly knocked up to further wipe the smile off your face. It interacts with other drugs too. Best to see a doc, or at least give it a good google.


See a doctor? Well, he’ll just give you Prozac!

And the major thing you don’t have is? Right, quality sleep at night!

Seriously? You want advice from people that don’t know anything about how to handle a depression?


‘Try to live as if you don’t have depression to cure depression’ isn’t really that helpful, though. You’re saying, ‘Figure out all your emotional and physical issues!!!’ as a cure for a physical and emotional condition.


I want to hang myself but I can’t find a fucking rope. How fucking depressing is that?


Not finding a rope? Any hardware store has ropes …


See a doctor? Well, he’ll just give you Prozac!

And the mojor thing you don’t have is? Right, quality sleep at night!

Seriously? You want advice from people that don’t know anything about how to handle a depression?[/quote]
It seems that you like to post only to criticise people. First you don’t want to see doctor, most people go to doctor and get well when they’re sick. I don’t know what is your experience with them but if you’re not in favour of going to doctor, at least suggest a good alternative. 2. I agree that sleep especially quality sleep can be difficult in depression but at least you can try to make your sleeping environment more comfortable and noise free and avoid many things that can make sleeping more difficult. There are also many things you can do to sleep better as I’ve mentioned above meditation and yoga can be helpful. Again everyone has different experiment and I don’t have any right to criticise you but I found my friends and family members very understanding and they helped me a lot in getting rid of my depression problem.[/quote]

Being understanding or giving advice are two different things!

And no, I not only post to criticise people, a major depression is not like having a cold or the flu … it’s really serious and many people don’t know how to handle it, including friends and family, doctors (they’ll mostly tell you that they have good pills to cure it). You can not just go over it lightly and saying yoga or meditation is the thing (because most people have no clue what meditation or yoga is anyways, and it’s not for everyone) nor is having some quality sleep. I didn’t have a quality sleep for over 4 years, no matter what I try, and yes I’m tired, and yes I went to the doctor and he just gave me pills that in fact don’t do shit. And yes I do exercise every day. And yes, my family or most, if not all friends don’t understand. Non of them have any knowledge or can give advice because they’re not therapists or psychiatrists.

Trying to get quality sleep in Taiwan? It’s like going to Mars and starting an organic farm!


Also, try telling friends you’re depressed. Actually try. Once, fine. Five times, getting a bit draining for them, Ten times, got the kids to deal with, got their own problems, seriously mate, you’ve got to stop dwelling on it. It’s often a chronic condition. My friends care, they really do, but they do not ever want to hear it again. My family are dead / more fucked up and incompetent than I am. People only want to hear it if they can do something easy and if there is a reasonable chance that their ‘help’ will produce noticeable success.