Major Mosque shooting in Christchurch NZ


Happened just an hour or so ago. I don’t have a link handy as I’m on mobile. The guy livestreamed it to Facebook to appear like a videogame. The video is floating around on the net but I won’t link it.

Horrible horrible person to think that is OK. Too bad he didn’t turn the gun in himself first


New Zealand of all places … that’s inexplicably sad.

The news is saying there are multiple casualties already.


Terrible ! It’s at the mostly at (but multiple locations)mosque in main park in Central Christchurch in South Island. The park is a place of peace with the gardens, so sad for it happen there but I guess anywhere now it can happen anywhere.


They have arrested one suspect but apparently there’s another shooter.


Fuck! That is horrendous. Thanks for the warning, I will be extra careful what I click on, that is something I do not want to see. Thank you also for not linking it here, anyone who does I can assure you it will be removed immediately.



The latest news says there’s 27 confirmed dead so far. Grisly stuff.


Apparently he (one of the shooters) mentioned Trump and Candace Owens in his/their manifesto and he wrote some crazy far right stuff on his guns (the number 14).

The NZ police has also confirmed that there are multiple shooters. So it’s more than 2.


I think they hit up more than one mosque at a time. The police recommended all worshipers to stay home tonight just in case


The guys a nut, he says many things among which is he is an Eco-Fascist, not a conservative and the country closest to his political ideology is the Peoples Republic of China. As regards Trump he asks if he is a Trump supporter and goes on to say with regards being a policy maker and leader “dear god no”.

Yes I read though the first 20 pages or so of it, no I don’t recommend you bother. The stuff about Candance Owens just seems to be trolling in that he finds her too extreme but she inspired him the most.

There will be the usual outrage mob on the net, trying to point fingers and blaming each other. I suggest trying to avoid that crowd.


The most disturbing part is that he actually said “subscribe to Pewdiepie” on Facebook livestream before he started shooting. What in the actual fuck.

Humanity is so finished. And this happened in NEW ZEALAND.


Not surprising people like this in NZ. Outside the city it’s as not as many immigrants and people not as open to different people (ie non white/)


The shooter doing the livestream is Australian.


This guy live-streamed his killings and talked about PewdiePie… the internet has really empowered attention-craving mental cases. Not just here, but a lot of high profile shootings seem to carry similar patterns, whether they find inspiration online or use social media to connect with fellow depraved sociopaths or merely use it as a tool to maximize attention for their atrocities.


It’s very sad. Christchurch was just recovering from the horrific 2011 quake too.


Damn, New Zealand is wild.


It’s not really, that’s the thing.


Just saying.


The live streaming thing is fucked up and I have a feeling its going to be a new sort of trend … who knows


Live streaming suicides and murders has been a thing for a while now…looks like this is the first mass murder.