Major Mosque shooting in Christchurch NZ


There was that reporter and cameraman in Virginia killed by someone wearing a GoPro in 2015. Probably not quite a “mass” shooting, but still shocking.


May have to take live streaming off the air


The shooter posted his intentions and manifesto on 4chan with a link to his Facebook profile.
Then he live streamed the whole thing on Facebook. That’s why there is a video of it out in the wild internet.
Crazy world we live in.

Facebook will be under scrutiny. They did not stop and delete his live stream which was almost 17 minutes long.

I haven’t seen the video. I was just reading what others wrote about it on Reddit.


I think it’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle. And in any case, this is a human software problem, not a technology problem. Another example of identity politics taken to the extreme.


An Australian terrorist living in New Zealand posting on a American-based image forum that mainly discusses manga and anime?

Judging by the fact he live streamed only the parts before the police arrived, he is really about seeking attention.


Please clarify what you mean by this.

He streamed the entire rampage from start to finish and also as he was driving away from the scene.


From the news description it sounds like he turned it off when he heard sirens. Not gonna watch the video to verify it though.


News description is wrong.


Good response from Iman Mohamad Tawhidi, if you have the time to watch.

The shorter version if you don’t have time.


50 people confirmed dead now. Been sad about this all day.




I’ve seen the video. I wish I could unsee it. If someone sends it to you, just delete it. It’s traumatic.


Haven’t seen it, don’t want to see it. If anyone see’s it posted please flag immediately, it will be removed, I will ban the person who posted it for a week so the moderators can decide if the ban should be permanent. Likely it will be.


49 killed so far. Others near death.One notable difference between these extremists and Muslim extremists is that they didn’t kill themselves. Bigger cowards than the Muslim exremists who kill innocents. Not sure if it’s the work of the one Australian or were the other two men and a woman involved

This attack is very likely going to spur Muslim extremists to attack other innocents elsewhere.

And actually these ultra rightist extremists’ actions are in line with what Muslim extremists want too. All out war between Muslim and non Muslims.

See this is what the media should stop doing. Spreading the views of extremists. There should be a black out . Let there people get no place to share their views. I don’t see China writing about the background of some crazies who butchered children in kindergartens.

Here we get to read about a loser who wants to kill as many non whites as possible. Not different then Muslims who want to kill everyone non Muslim is it.

He’s no different than the white catholic irish killing white Protestant and vice versa.

Hate is hate . Not different than Germans killing Jews.

He should be whipped so he can feel pain because he feels no remorse.

The Mongolians would have quartered him with horses.

Maybe we need to introduce some pain before he is jailed and soon executed. People like this guy deserves no less.

Send him back to the Creator

Maybe we should introduce death by a thousand cuts for people who do what he did.
The Norwegian crazy who killed so many is still alive and an inspiration to such people.

The irony is that this guy has become the same as the Muslim terrorists he deplored.


Just like the Imam that @Mick cited, I am sick of both the white, anti-immigration, rightwing nationalists like Anders Breivik and this turd, and the sick radical Islamists like those who killed a hundred plus people in Paris a few years ago. They act as if they’re in opposition to one another when they’re exactly the same, and they’re both dragging civil society into a dark hell. We have mass shootings, bombings, vehicular attacks, even pilot suicides… this pattern of ongoing random violence really kicked off with 9/11 and I think both diminishing resources and opportunities coupled with the ease of social media’s global outreach has greatly accelerated it. Sociopaths on both sides are using livestream and social media to glorify their actions, and the 24 hour media is only too happy to help sensationalize their awful deeds. I hope things get better soon, but it seems like we are just too far gone.


I heard one attacked was stopped half way by a Muslim with a gun that shot back. Don’t know if it’s confirmed.


Don’t think a gun was involved but one of the people attempted to charge and tackle the shooter. It did not end well. :disappointed: Heroic behavior, though.

edit: it looks like, during the second shooting, someone did fire back. But it seems like it was only as the terrorist was already retreating. Someone had successfully tackled him.


Our nature is violence it aint gonna stop. It’s weird I watched the video and didn’t feel anything. In any case I can almost guarantee there will be retaliatory attacks; most non westerners think of westerners as all practicing christians and racists.


uh… have you seen what they are doing to muslims there? they would be writing about it if a muslim did that. they would even make it up. they wouldn’t write about it if its a han chinese because this sort of thing is barely news there, no other reason.


i’ll never watch it… i watched a video of a trigger happy cop or swat team guy shooting an innocent guy in a hotel hallway and that was deeply disturbing, i don’t need to see anymore.