Major U.S. airlines award charts uses "Province of Taiwan"

Was checking out the award charts and found it interesting that Taiwan
is referred to as “Province of Taiwan” ----> wait, didn’t they do away with the province? :smiley: … awards.pdf
(page 2, countries in S.E. Asia…)

Chart for award travel on:

Air France
Alaska Airlines
Continental Airlines
CSA Czech Airlines
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Korean Air
Northwest Airlines

It could mean the following possibilities;

  • Taiwan has never cease to remain as one of the province of China
  • Somebody just forgot to update their vintage data for umpteen years
  • Nobody want to spend unnecessary money changing something that does not benefit them.
  • Who care.

Maybe we should just leave the info. as long as no untoward incidence happen to any of these airlines. The planes may miss their flight direction without knowing where is the location of the ‘province’.