Make a Funny Personal Ad

Here is a new topic make up your own funny personal ad. It shouldn’t be you

Ill start…

Hot body guy, seeks anything with a heartbeat( let me know if I need to bring my velcro gloves). I like to show off my body, sit under trees, and searching for enlightenment. Clean beings need only apply.

Hot chick looking for hiking partner

looks like she just got a hiking pole shoved up her bum. :moon: :roflmao: At least somebody has a sense of humor. Come on people it takes like 1 minute to make. Search for a photo in the google images search and make a personal line. Let me help you out you can use monkeys, fat people, funny pics. I find it shocking that 30 people have viewed this and it has one response. DO you people have no HUMOR. I know Taiwan might be a jading experience but I didn’t know it was that BAD. Thanks Smell the Glove.

Once you get taste of me you will never come back…

I’m hungry for your lovin’!

A lovely lady full of life seeks a hot beefy guy to satisfy her hunger. Are you him?

(read the paragraph above the shot) … edge1.html

The lady really loves her meat! Or maybe it’s the other way around…