Make belief campaign roles

Just curious, but with all due respect (and there ain’t much due to this whole Chewy-Trudeau thing), just does any of this have to do with the thread topic?

Here’s a nice, neutral thing to discuss: Given the success of “Joe the Plumber”, “Tito the Builder”, “Marjorie the hairdresser”, etc. if you could be a so-called everyman expert used in a Republican candidate’s speech, which would you like to be? Which would you likely be?

My own guesses:

I’d like to be “MFGR the guy who sells clothes profitably to the GOP for Palin to wear”
I’d probably be “MFGR the dental hygienist”

sjcma the McCain campaign strategist.

Oh, this ad is short, sweet and BRUTAL:

John McCain, in his own words