Make or Break Time for the GOP

Don’t you start @TT we just told mups to knock it off.

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Desantis reasonable, good one. Look up covid response.
Trump’s not running either.
Tucker Carlson might, he’s trying to channel himself as a junior junior version. Not an original guy, that Tucker. :sweat_smile:

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He’s your favorite academic’s favorite academic, Jim DeSantis.

National Union Leader Representing Teachers, Nurses Criticizes DeSantis’ Coronavirus Response | WLRN

1/1/2020: "The president of a national union representing teachers and nurses argues Gov. Ron DeSantis has mishandled the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic by sending mixed messages about whether schools should be closed and waiting to issue a statewide order instructing residents to stay at home.

American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten told WLRN the governor has ignored advice from health experts, contributing to Florida’s trajectory as a likely major U.S. hotspot for COVID-19."

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Speaking of the GOP and their Educational Trustworthiness: DeSantis is in the same boat with people like Betsy Devos:

Department Of Education Wasted $1 Billion On Failed Charter Schools

A new report issued by the Network for Public Education provides a detailed accounting of how charter schools have scammed the U.S. Department of Education’s Charter Schools Program (CSP) for up to $1 billion in wasted grant money that went to charters that never opened or opened for only brief periods of time before being shut down for mismanagement, poor performance, lack of enrollment, or fraud. The report also found many of the charters receiving grant awards that managed to stay open fall far short of the grant program’s avowed mission to create “high-quality” schools for disadvantaged students.

President Trump’s 2020 budget blueprint proposes increasing funding for the charter grant program by 13.6 percent, from $440 to $500 million, and education secretary Betsy DeVos praised this increase as a step forward for “education freedom.” But the report finds that increasing federal funds for this program would mostly continue to perpetuate academic fraud.

Pink is the appropriate color I think. Good expression capture too.

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Trump stole from a Cancer Charity. #liberty #corporateheroes

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