Make or Break Time for the GOP



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Is that why he lost so much weight? Getting ready for the GOP presidential primary? He’ll lose against Trump, Pence, or DeSantis. I don’t see it, then again…what do I know…I don’t know nothin.

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It seems you get a sense of what we are talking about because you mention NATO. This is not a left/right issue, the establishment on both sides support NATO. No need to get into the issue itself, because up till now you don’t recognize there are establishment positions, establishment politicians and supporters of the establishment both in the US and abroad.

A smaller step would be to recognize it exists and the policies that the establishment follow are some of the most consequential of all to Western nations.

But I don’t blame you for asking “are the Republicans moving further right”, because this is how the break from traditional or “establishment” thinking is framed. Politico writes an article and frames it in the same way.

But it only takes a little critical thinking and examples for which there are many to see what’s being discussed is not something on the left/right spectrum, it’s something else completely.

Framing it as establishment vs. non-establishment is naive at best. Your definition is malleable to suit the point you wish to make. But whoever you define as anti-establishment is anything but. Case in point, Trump your supposed anti-establishment hero was slumming it up with Epstein, Clintons, Roy Cohn etc. throughout the 1980s, 90s, and 2000s.

I’m not asking. I’m pointing at a decades-long trend with an accelerating pace after the advent of the Tea Party. This is when terms like RINO came into popular use and working across the aisle became a thing of the past. I wouldn’t expect you to understand recent American history, but I lived through it.

I never claimed Trump was my hero, do you need to go the ad hominem route? Can’t you discuss facts as we see them without attacking the person you are having a discussion with?

Again disparaging my understanding, yet, I suggest it is you who lack the understanding of how important the establishment is to the politicians, it’s more important than their political party.

On Mitch McConnell and the tea party, he would rather see them destroyed than align with them on Republican side, same with whats left of Trump, he is glad to see Democrats keep power, he will expend his energy to campaign against the Trump endorsed candidates, even it means Democrats win, in fact he will help them win with ads and attacks against the Trump backed candidates.

Because the establishment power is more important than party power. Yet, you believe it doesn’t exist.

You can’t comprehend McConnells thinking because you only think in terms of left and right. Therefore by your reasoning he must be doing everything to advance the interests of the right, but he is not. He on the other hand is working in the interests of the establishment, something you think doesn’t exist.

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:thinking:I wonder if you ever read what you write.


More accurately it’s the establishment view, Biden deserves some kudos for pushing back against WWIII, I bet the neocons behind the scenes are not happy with that.

Rick Scott, senator from Florida, speaking at CPAC, warned against the evils of socialism, saying:

“The modern Democratic Left has never read George Orwell,

One assumes Sen. Scott has never read one of the most prominent outspoken socialist writers of the 20th C. either.

Hmm definitely more credible than Pew Research going back four decades. :wink:

Personally I blame Obama.

I guess you didn’t bother to read the source for the 1994, 2004, 2017 graphic comparison. How embarrassing for you.

Yup, the right gets all their best new tricks from the left

Do you see that little 1 next your link? That tells you how many people have clicked on your link. So 1 person = me. How embarrassing you don’t know that by now.

Now if you go back to the Pew Research study it goes back to the 1970s. Silly Mithrandir… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

So you clicked on it and missed it…I don’t see how that eases your embarrassment.

Didn’t miss it. In fact one of those same infographics I’ve shared in a separate discussion. My original comment is the quality of the analysis (a blog) used to draw the conclusion vs. an empirical study from Pew Research. You seem to have missed my criticism.

No I clicked and read it too, but I right click and then open in new tab, for whatever reason it doesn’t add to the count.


Me too, in showing how the left has gone crazy.

Then you missed the point…the left has moved far more left than the right has moved right. I was more concerned with the data rather than the analysis.

Go back to the study from Pew Research. The data from an actual empirical study shows the opposite.

And it’s quite obvious for all to see. Do Democrats have anything resembling the Tea Party that is impervious to compromise? There’s a lot of talk about AOC and Omar but they hold little to no power. So your argument still smells like :ox::poop:

Are you talking about the legislators or registered voters? I think in both cases the answer is obviously yes.